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I've been looking for yellow curry everywhere and couldn't find it until I checked Amazon. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount flavour this stuff has! Definitely buying this again!

Amazon Customer

High quality and taste

I always buy these curry pastes, they are vegan, and the paste goes a long way. About two large heaping spoonfuls with two cans coconut milk and one cup broth makes enough for a family of four plus at least one leftover meal for a lunch the next day. Just add your fave vegetables and tofu. I get at least three meals out of a jar so that’s still cheaper then a restaurant but with restaurant quality and taste.

Good Curry

Very easy to use to make curries. It's much better than other Thai pastes. The other Thai pastes always feels like its cheap and missing ingredients that are needed for a flavourful dish. This covers the flavours with out the need of additional spices.

I first experienced this during a Vegan festival and fell in love.


It's the best yellow curry you're going to find!

Honestly, This was the best yellow curry I have ever had! I have made some amazing thai curry dishes with it. I haven't used it for Eastern Indian dishes yet, I'm not sure it would work...but for Thai...absolutely. I also love the fact, that, it comes in a glass jar! big plus...going forward with using less plastic, so , I really respect that! it was also delivered before it's time! so...another big bonus! We all loved it. I used it up, in probably, 3 main dishes!. you don't get a lot out of it, but, what you do major flavor! so, you get what you pay for! and I am all about that! enjoy!!!!!

Btw, yes, it is spicy! but not..".burn your tongue" spicy! it's more of a warming spice.... I loved it!-- 


My lifelong search is over

Panang curry is 100% my favorite food on the planet. I eat at local Thai restaurants weekly and it's almost always panang. I have tried to make it from scratch at home but things like Lemongrass are damn expensive.

Long story short, I have tried every panang paste in a jar I've ever come across and finally decided to research. Found this one on Amazon which reviews from people saying "I'm thai and this is authentic panang". That sold me and I was not disappointed. Made a monster pot and my best friend and I demolished it in one sitting.

Beatrice M.


I am a big fan of both Thai curries and Indian curries. I ordered this Panang curry paste having eaten a Panang dish at a Thai restaurant years ago. The restaurant closed but I never forgot how fabulous the flavour was and have tried to find recipes ever since. I was happy to have found this paste on Amazon and gave a try. I am ashamed of how easy it is to prepare, the instructions are on the jar's label. The result is outstanding. It goes pretty far, two tablespoons per four person serving. I highly recommend this product.